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Job Background 
BES works with world-leading organisations in the pharmaceutical, life science and healthcare sectors to create cutting-edge cleanrooms, laboratories and other sophisticated environments. Committed to innovation and excellence in all we do, our specialist services encompass consultancy, design, construction, commissioning and validation.
Our clients operate in highly regulated industries and therefore the service we offer must be professional at all times.
In addition to your specific duties and responsibilities you must always represent the company in the best possible light in order to help secure repeat business opportunities.
Reporting Line
Reporting directly to the Engineering Director and the Projects Director, your primary roles and responsibilities are set out below:- 
General Responsibilities 
As one of the Client’s key points of contact you will need to be customer focused, non-confrontational and establish good working relationships, both with the client’s project team and with all members of the BES team.
Although generally office based, you will be required to visit sites on a regular basis to attend specific meetings and to carry out the direct liaison necessary with the commissioning team, the Client and the wider project team. More complex projects may require a prolonged site based role. 
While your primary responsibility is management of commissioning activities, on many projects your involvement will begin at the early design stages and extend beyond handover. Your responsibilities through these project stages can be split into specific areas as described in more detail below:
• Design
• Procurement & Commercial
• Planning and progress reporting
• Management of site activities & Documentation
• Handover
• Qualification
Your early input into the design process will be essential to ensure that the future commissioning activities are fully considered within the design of all systems.
Key points that you will be required to consider and advise on, at this stage are as follows:
• Practicality of the high level HVAC philosophies being considered.
• Schematic reviews, to ensure correct components (eg valves and dampers) and their associated locations are fully considered.
• Plant and schedule reviews to gain a knowledge of anticipated main plant to be employed.
• Liaise with CAD coordination team to ensure that access to critical components (such as valves and dampers) is considered.
• Maintain an overview of the detailed design to keep up to date with design developments and to advise on commissionability issues arising out of potential design changes.
Procurement & Commercial
Working closely with the relevant Project Manager you will be responsible for, or provide input into, the initial procurement, and ongoing commercial monitoring of the key commissioning sub-contract packages. These packages will include: HVAC commissioning specialist; flushing contractors; medical gas testing; controls commissioning and any other project specific packages. In this respect, your key responsibilities shall include:
• Preparation and distribution of full and comprehensive enquiry documentation.
• Detailed scope definition to ensure responsibilities are fully understood and accounted for.
• Carry out Sub-Contractor pre-qualification, where necessary, in line with BES commercial procedures.
• Carry out analysis of tender returns and recommendation of chosen service provider(s).
• Agree resource requirements with the commissioning sub-contractor (with particular attention to commissioning management attendance).
• Chair, or attend (as agreed with the Project Manager) a pre-contract meeting with the chosen service provider(s).
• Review monthly valuations against work completed to provide the required approvals for invoice sign off.
• Liaise with QS team or Project Manager, to calculate outstanding work and associated costs.
• Monitor and agree change affecting the commissioning scope of work, and help to establish the cost of such works.
• Ensure that the commissioning works associated with specific plant items and / or systems are included within the equipment / system orders and liaise with the individual suppliers to establish the scope of such works.
Planning & Progress reporting
The Project Manager will ensure that an overall project schedule is produced. You will be expected to provide the necessary information to enable a detailed programme of commissioning activities to be established within this schedule. You must then liaise with the commissioning specialists to ensure that the work is sufficiently resourced and to drive to meet the relevant programme milestones. It is also essential that you maintain a detailed understanding of the progress of construction activities critical to allow commissioning to take place and to assist in driving these to the required completions. Your key duties will include:
• Liaise with the project manager regularly to discuss planning and progress.
• Liaise with relevant members of the project team to discuss and agree programme requirements associated with commissioning activities.
• Liaise with Client’s representatives, to agree witnessing requirements and note milestones on the programme.
• Agree with the Project team, any phased handover requirements, associated with areas or services.
• Ensure that each element of the commissioning works is competed within the agreed timescales.
• Provide input into short and long term programmes.
• Provide input into the preparation of progress reports.
• Report progress of the commissioning aspects of the project to the Client, and to the Project Manager.
Management of Site Activities & Documentation
For all projects you should provide a commissioning plan which will detail the strategy for the commissioning of the specific facility. This should take into account systems to be commissioned, programme requirements, and the specialists responsible for each work package. It will also communicate to the Client (and obtain approval) the documentation that will be produced and whether this is from the BES, The Client’s or the commissioning specialist’s Quality System. 
It is essential that you maintain close contact with the various work package owners and specialists’ managers to ensure that pre-requisites to commissioning are met and that resources are sufficient to meet the projects requirements.
You will also liaise with the Client’s representatives to provide day to day planning of critical activities and to ensure that any ipact on the Client’s existing operations are fully understood.
Your responsibilities in this respect include:
• Author project specific Commissioning Plans.
• Agree documentation to be employed with both the Client and the commissioning specialists.
• Set up and chair regular commissioning meetings (frequency as dictated within the Commissioning Plan).
• Regular liaison with commissioning specialists to agree current / future activities.
• Discuss system static completions with the relevant Project Engineers / Project Manager to ensure that all pre-requisites are met to enable commencement of commissioning.
• Liaise with Client representatives to agree controls required where specific activities have the potential to impact on existing operations.
• Liaise with specialist suppliers (eg Chillers, Air Handling Units, medical gases, flushing) to ensure their work scope and programme is fully understood and will be sufficiently resourced, in line with the programme.
At this critical stage of the project you will be responsible for agreeing any phased handover requirements and ensuring that these are indicated within the Commissioning Plan and Schedule. All systems will be offered to the Client for witnessing or, by agreement, you will ensure that BES witness on their behalf.
You must ensure that all required certification is in place associated with system completions and plant commissioning.
All pre-requisites to handover will be detailed within the Commissioning Plan and you will ensure that these are met.
At this stage, your key responsibilities include:
• Close liaison with Client to ensure that all handover requirements are understood, and met.
• Attendance at handover meetings (by agreement with the Project Manager).
• Ensure that all necessary handover documentation, including test sheets, commissioning sheets and completion certificates are compiled.
• Check and ensure that suitable and sufficient Operating and Maintenance information has been compiled (responsibilities for compilation to be agreed with the Project Manager).
• Ensure that any reservations to handover, associated with ongoing commissioning activities, are captured and planned for completion with detailed communication to the client and the Project Manager.
• Ensure that all relevant drawings are updated with ‘as commissioned’ information.
The level of support provided to the qualification process by BES varies from project to project. In your role you will be expected to manage this element of our service in line with the specific Project Execution Plan, which will set out our responsibilities and associated strategy. This Job Description assumes that the client will lead this process, but that BES will provide full support through commissioning and documentation.
Depending on the project / Client requirements, you will be expected to manage BES’s scope within the overall validation process. 
This will start with a thorough review and understanding of the Validation Master Plan to understand which elements of the project will be subject to qualification. This must be undertaken in the early design stages of the project. In the absence of a Validation Master Plan you should obtain clear agreement with the Client. 
Based on this you will produce a plan which will include matrices to monitor documentation requirements and production. This plan should also clarify the signatories to any documentation (eg filter test results, commissioning test sheets) and any GMP training required for these signatories (this should be agreed with the specific Client, since this will determine the documentation’s suitability to be incorporated in to the qualification reports).
Your role will primarily be to ensure seamless integration between our commissioning activities and documentation and the Client’s qualification requirements. This will include agreeing commissioning documentation standards and templates to ensure that relevant commissioning tests (eg air change rates, pressure regimes) can be incorporated within the qualification reports.
Close liaison with the Client will be required to ensure commissioning activities are not duplicated during qualification and that tests and documentation are completed in a timely manner to allow a smooth transition into the qualification phase.
Projects which require BES to take a more prominent role in the management of the Qualification process will have these requirements set out within the specific Project Execution Plan. 
In this case, in addition to the requirements set out above, you will also be required to lead the production of documentation as required by the Validation Master Plan. This will vary widely from project to project and may include the management of authoring and execution of Qualification Plans and associated protocols. This is currently outside the remit of this job description.
Your key responsibilities during the Qualification phase are:
• Agree BES responsibilities with the Project Manager / The Client.
• Review the Validation Master Plan to gain thorough understanding of critical systems.
• Produce plan to indicate certification and documentation requirements for each system.
• Agree GMP training requirements for documentation signatories.
• Agree commissioning test sheet templates to feed into the qualification process.
• Ensure commissioning tasks are completed to the correct standards and in a timely manner to allow handover to the qualification team.
• Attend Qualification meetings.
• Ensure timely completion and submission of qualification critical documentation (including URS responses, material certification etc).
Knowledge and Experience
• Minimum HNC qualified in Building Services or Building Studies.
• Experienced in managing the commissioning phase of turnkey projects including HVAC, mechanical and electrical works.
• Experienced in the pharmaceutical and healthcare markets is preferred particularly in the construction of laboratories and cleanrooms.
• Working knowledge of company safety and quality procedures.
• IT literate and conversant with Microsoft Office, Outlook and Project.
• Fully conversant with CDM regulations and able to operate at senior level in fulfilling the role of principal contractor. 
• Customer focussed and able to communicate at the highest level within client organisations.

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