Ged Guilfoyle, Project Manager

Tell us what are you working on at the moment, and explain how the lockdown has affected the way you carry out your work?

I am currently working on a new aseptic facility at Weston Park Hospital in Sheffield. It will soon be dispensing vital chemotherapy drugs for cancer patients within the hospital.

It is important that this build continues as the facility needs to produce drugs which are critically important and an increased capacity is required.  

We are trying to push for completion as fast as possible whilst also factoring in the correct social distancing measures to ensure the safety of all members of staff and contractors.

Covid-19 has had a huge impact on the supply chain - which in turn has affected the ability to progress work at typical levels. We have seen a reduction in site staff and subcontractors to support the project due to self-isolation / furlough / distancing rules and childcare duties. 

The current situation requires you to be more resourceful and turn your hand to completing tasks which others /sub contractors would ordinarily would have done. 

Working from home has been challenging at times; whilst managing emails and calls I have been often distracted by the Power Rangers theme tune which my 6 year old is obsessed with. I also had to attend regular tea parties with my 3 year little girl!  We just have to do our best and all pull together to achieve the main goal of project completion.

How are you coping with lockdown?

I have found lockdown relatively easy to deal with, as I am able to split my time between working on site, going to the office and (trying!) to work from home.  My wife who is also working from home as well as going into work 1 day a week; she is doing the most amazing job home schooling and managing the childcare.  Thankfully the weather has been kind so we are dealing with lockdown by spending a lot more time together outdoors – She has taught our son how to complete as many kick ups as possible and taught our little girl learn to scoot on her scooter.

What do you do in your spare time - maybe you picked up a new hobby?

It was our son’s birthday at the beginning of lockdown and we purchased a multifunctional games table. During lockdown we have found that we are a very competitive family and want to win everything - from table football through pool and air hockey to darts!

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