Josh Collins, HVAC Design Engineer
Tell us what are you working on at the moment, and explain how the lockdown has affected the way you carry out your work?
I am currently working on a number of projects as part of the Term Contract for our blue chip client in the North West. As a HVAC design engineer, I am involved in chillers replacement project and three detailed design commissions for laboratories and a new cold room.  
The site has been given ‘essential works’ status due to the number of pharmaceutical medication that is produced and packed there. This has resulted in a business as usual approach from the client and meant that my work load and day to day activities have remained much the same. Meetings are carried out at the usual scheduled times, but are conducted using a variety of software solutions instead of being face to face. We have been using Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Skype to communicate and drive projects forward.
I attend approximately one day a week to carry out surveys of new projects and deal with on-site queries where needed, the other four days I work remotely from home, having set up my office in the dining room. 
The client’s site is operating with strict social distancing rules, all visitors have to give at least 24 hours’ notice to the site-based supervisors and face masks are mandatory in the buildings. The site operatives have staggered breaks to reduce the numbers in the welfare facilities at any given time.
How are you coping with lockdown?
It has been challenging and difficult, but I am making the most of spending extra time with family, and enjoying seeing my 11 month old son Oliver every day. We spend more time outdoors, walking and cycling to get our daily exercise. 
We have appreciated more than ever the area that we live in, and the open space on our doorstep.
What is something you do in your spare time - maybe a new hobby you picked up?
Five years ago my wife and I decided to embark on a challenge and build our own house. We moved into the home in March 2016 and recently sold it to start another exciting renovation. We are currently spending lockdown in a house that resembles a building site!

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