Paul Marsh

Chief Operating Officer

Spanning a 30 year career in the construction industry, Paul has been instrumental over the past 20 years in developing BES to become one of the leading providers to the pharmaceutical and life science sectors. One of the company’s original founding team, Paul’s remit includes enhancing our organisational resilience and world class project delivery, along with ensuring the consistency of our services.

Paul’s background is originally in HVAC design, gaining a Hons degree at UMIST before moving into Project Management. Now adopting a pragmatic leadership style, Paul guides those around him to manage great projects and provide outstanding Client satisfaction, built on relationships and collaborative ways of working.

Having delivered a wide range of projects from high grade cleanrooms and functional laboratories within operational areas, to modern brownfield production facilities, Paul’s experience ranges from initial Client contact and concept schemes to fast track construction and hands on validation.

Keen to continue his own personal development Paul has a Diploma from the Institute of Leadership and Management.

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