By bringing together architecture and engineering, we help our clients to shape specialist buildings

Front End Consultancy

BES will work alongside you to understand your requirements in detail and help you realise your vision. We use our experience to guide you through all aspects of the design process, and we provide functional, regulatory compliant and aesthetically pleasing solutions that are tailored to your budget, timeline, and ultimate goals for the project.  

As we work together, the most efficient personnel and material flows for your facility will be established. When combined with our in-depth knowledge of regulatory compliance requirements and innovative construction methods, a functional solution will evolve providing the foundations upon which the design can be securely built.

Once feasibility is established, we will evolve the design into concept, testing the initial decisions and refining the project to a greater degree of accuracy. This will be supported by 3D models, high quality rendered images and walkthroughs presented through virtual reality to help you visualise the future facility.    

By involving BES at the earliest stage of a project, you enable us to add value throughout the process and recommend the best solution. We use a combination of design expertise and construction experience to provide accurate estimates and realistic schedules from the outset, providing a solid base for our clients to make informed decisions.



  • Brief Development
  • Up to RIBA Stage 2
  • Sustainability/ BREEAM
  • Master/ Space Planning
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Process Flow
  • Planning Consultation
  • Project Sanction Support

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Our Commitment To You

Vision, Mission and Values

The approach we adopt in carrying out our projects is underpinned by our vision, mission and values which define the culture flowing through the entire organization.



At BES we are committed to zero, which means safeguarding the health, safety and welfare of both our own employees and our partners in the supply chain, is the single number one priority for our business.



Our commitment to ensuring we offer a first-class turnkey service is managed through our performance and evaluation practices, as well as our drive to identify continual improvements.


Corporate Responsibility

Our Vision, mission and values underpin our culture and drive us to invest in our people, support our local community and protect our environment while building a thriving, sustainable business.


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