At BES we are ‘committed to zero’, which means safeguarding the health, safety and welfare of both our own employees and our partners in the supply chain, is the single number one priority for our business.

We operate a top down approach to safety which focuses on communication at all levels underpinned by a robust Safety Management System. Engagement with the workforce is crucial and encouraged at all levels, driving continual improvement where ideas and suggestions are celebrated and everyone can see that their input makes a difference

Our comprehensive and rigorous modular training sessions are an interactive programme of specific and relevant subjects which encourage open discussion and cross fertilisation of ideas, which ensures what the attendees learn stays with them beyond the training room.

We take our role as Principal Designer and Principal Contractor very seriously, working hard to eliminate risks at design stage and adopting a holistic and proactive approach to safety management on our sites which embraces the Client’s own systems and dovetails them into our own.

As well as maintaining our own SSIP accreditation, we insist that all of our sub-contractors undergo independent 3rd Party qualification themselves which provides extra assurance and means the people operating on our sites are suitably trained and competent.

Our dedication to Health & Safety is evidenced by an exemplary safety record coupled with regular receipt of awards for both our projects and our people along with great feedback from our Clients.