We believe that a positive company culture and investment in our people not only drive performance but also differentiate us from our competitors, and make BES a place where our employees are proud to work.

Relevant technical, legislative and quality knowledge is a fundamental requirement however, the ability to manage one’s self and to relate effectively to other people is just as important. Consequently, we have developed a Personal Development programme for our people, which is delivered through ‘Personal Effectiveness’ and ‘Living Leader’ courses.

Our ‘Personal Effectiveness’ course has been tailored to meet the needs of both the individuals and our business and ultimately to improve the service we offer to our clients. This interactive course is delivered over 6 days with participants encouraged to share and build on their own experiences. It covers areas such as leadership, teamwork and communication, focusing on developing self-management and interpersonal skills to complement technical capabilities and knowledge.

The Living Leader course builds on the PE course with emphasis on leadership styles and culture. Exploring the power of positive behavior, feedback and appreciation through Rackham and Herzberg etc.

Sean Ferguson

BES Project Manager

Set over a series of modules, each addressing a different effectiveness topic, I gained a host of new skills and the confidence to apply new techniques and methodology into my everyday activities. Whether improving communication skills or adopting time management techniques, the course delivered tangible gains in day-to-day working practices and personal wellbeing.