Concept and scheme design for £13 million production facility

Concept and scheme design for £13 million production facility

BES have recently completed the concept and scheme design of a flagship production facility for one of our key clients, who specialise in research, development and manufacturing of a broad range of treatments worldwide.  

Prior to our appointment consideration had been given to the construction of a new building on an existing site. However, due to time constraints and spatial challenges, an alternative solution was required.

Our multi-disciplined design team reviewed the available options, assessing the feasibility of remodeling the existing manufacturing areas within 2 buildings to provide the required accommodation which comprises: two filling lines (including ancillary and support areas), two packing lines and a device assembly area. This cost-effective and innovative approach enabled us to secure this prestigious contract.

During the concept stage, we were tasked to develop a design solution that would provide optimised people and material flows taking into account the fact that the construction works would be carried out within a fully operational facility.

Recognising the efficiency of collaboratively developing information in a virtual environment, Building Information Modelling (BIM) has been implemented to allow our client to visualise the building before commencement of works on site. Revit modelling software has been utilised, incorporating all M&E services and architectural elements to provide an accurate representation of the physical building components. This conceptual model was used extensively to assist with the space planning and equipment integration processes whilst establishing and verifying available plant areas and new primary service routes. 

To maximise off site prefabrication opportunities, we developed a solution involving installation of a new fully packaged substation and four multi-service plant rooms ready to ‘plug and play’ located on the roof.

We have the utmost confidence that the proposed design will advance our client’s manufacturing processes and achieve their stated aims with a quicker, smarter and cost-effective solution. We are really excited to be part of this highly significant project and look forward to progressing the detailed design and construction phases of the project. 

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