Focus On Sustainability

Focus On Sustainability

As specialist designers, we are constantly looking at ways to reduce CO2 emissions, as featured in our recent article published in The Chemical Engineer.

We review calculations to reduce the typical high air change rate within cleanrooms, yet still maintain the correct grade of room to comply with cGMP requirements.

We take computer simulations to design and build more sustainable buildings and select suitable materials in construction.

Innovative Systems

Similarly we find new ways to generate heating and cooling in the most energy efficient way; reducing reliance on carbon fuel and the way this energy is used and generated, for example using solar panels, cooling and heat pump chillers coupled with innovative energy management system designs that reduce the total energy requirements.

As engineers we consider how design strategies can allow for retrofitting energy efficient improvements during the service life of the asset too.

Waste reduction and resource utilisation are fundamental and sustainability has to align to operational parameters.

Creative And Collaborative Design

Creative and collaborative design that balances commercial and sustainability goals is at the heart and requires rethinking how we embed sustainability at every level, beginning with process design.

Process control energy management hardware and software need to be integral to process design and in-line metering and monitoring need to be part of the build specification.

Energy Efficiency

A key driver to changing our approach to energy efficiency lies in compliance with corporate and social responsibility (CSR) reporting.  And in turn compliance with mandatory carbon reduction plans (CRPs), required by all public sector projects over £5m.

That said as engineers, we can only advise and if we are going to convince, we must provide compelling evidence.

Monitoring and measuring energy and water consumption is more important than ever during 2023. 

Lets get on it!  

By working together and challenging the norm, we can create and build in greater sustainability advantages. Lets discuss this further driving forward sustainability in building design.

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