Our approach to design consultancy and construction

Our approach to design consultancy and construction

Our approach to design consultancy and construction is early engagement from all disciplines.

We take 5 key steps to help mitigate risk. 

Step 1 – early engagement from concept

  • encouraging critical thinking and exploration of different and alternative solutions from all

Step 2 - user specification assessment

  • extensive user consultation and open discussion is essential to achieve the best outcome. And yes, this does involve challeng the norm!


design consultancy and construction


Step 3 – the design challenge

  • full collaboration of a multi-disciplinary team that draws out the challenges and helps explore and present the solutions

Step 4 – accurate cost and programme management

  • tracking and monitoring throughout keeps everyone informed about changes and alternative solution costs, ensuring it’s possible to deal with the unexpected

Step 5 - validiation throughout the build

  • documentation in parallel to build speeds up the whole process and results in a quality outcome delivered as fast as possible, through collaboration and co-operation


design consultancy and construction


Our multi-disciplinary in-house team provides a full ‘end to end’ turnkey service across design and construction, with clear responsibilities.

Ensuring all the key disciplines needed to be a part of the design and build specification are present. This ensures everyone has a voice right from the outset and constructability is considered very early on.

Embracing New Technologies


design consultancy and construction


We combine this with embracing new technologies, from advanced 3D design capabilities so our clients’ projects become visual at the earliest opportunity, through tailored information management systems, to incorporating project validation from the start.

Improved and more efficient facilities are needed faster and managed within more tightly controlled budgets. Our approach ensures projects remain on track and are delivered to schedule.

Exemplary Buildings

Our goal is fixed on designing and delivering exemplary buildings through providing a high level of service and delivering what we say we will, with continuity and business resilience as priorities.

To read more about our approach to early engagement, see our article in IFHE Digest, Delivery of cleanroom environment adds value

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