Term contract for Blue Chip Client

Term contract for Blue Chip Client

BES have been working with this major pharmaceutical company over a period of 12 years providing a full turnkey services as part of a Term contract across two of the client’s sites in UK. Throughout this time strong working relationships have been developed and the projects delivered by BES have demonstrated our flexible and adaptable approach, exemplary health and safety standards, a commitment to providing value-for-money services and a clear understanding of working in highly regulated GMP environments.

The latest three-year £9 million Term contract was secured in a competitive tender, and the range of services offered by BES includes all design,commercial management, planning services, project management and project delivery.Our multidiscipline on-site team has provided HVAC, electrical and instrumentation, civil, architectural and process mechanical services. In any one year there could be from twenty to thirty individual projects, all to be executed within operational facilities.   

The scope of work has varied and some examples of the projects carried out are detailed below:

Pharmaceutical Facility Chiller Replacement

The replacement of 5No existing air cooled chillers serving a Pharmaceutical Production facility.  The chillers, pipework, control systems and the provision of a new electrical supply had to be carefully scheduled so as not to disrupt the operations of the production facility and maintain essential cooling at all times, whilst maintaining business as usual.

Energy Saving: Chilled Water Project

As part of our client’s worldwide energy saving initiative, BES have recently carried out a project to improve the chilled water supply to their main production building. This involved designing and delivering an improved pumping philosophy and addition of a hydraulic de-coupler to the existing central absorption chillers/VC chiller system.

Energy Saving: Photovoltaic Solar Panels

BES carried out the design and installation of a new photovoltaic system on the roof of an existing office building. The new installation will provide carbon free electricity to an existing office building. It is envisaged that this system will generate 200,000 kWh/year.

Architectural Improvements

In the past 12 months BES have carried out a number of architectural projects as the client’s ongoing site improvement initiative. This has included the refurbishment of a number of meeting rooms and offices. BES have also carried the conversion of the existing on-site bar and restaurant into a new aerobic and free weight gymnasium, gym class room, a spinning room and change facilities.

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